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Threading is a cheap and fast method that no allergenic chemicals are used in it. Threading does not damage the skin, so it is the best way to remove excess hair for people with sensitive skin and acne treatment. The use of threading is less painful than tweezers. Threading has a longer shelf life and hair grows in it later (after 3-8 weeks).


The benefits of threading

It is a fast process

Threading is considered an ideal method for hair removal as it has a fast process and hardly takes more than 5 minutes to shape the eyebrow.

It takes a long time for hair to grow back.

Threading is one of the most permanent methods of hair removal in that it takes more than a month for the hair to grow back (there are definitely exceptions). Even small hairs, which often cannot be removed by waxing, are sometimes removed with the help of Threading.

Does not cause redness and swelling.

Threading is a good option for people with sensitive skin because it is relatively friendly and gentle to the skin. Threading targets the hair and rarely touches the skin compared to waxing which often removes a layer of skin, a process that may damage the skin.

It is very accurate.

Most people do Threading for eyebrow shaping because it is more precise and gives the shape you want. The hairs above and below the eyebrows are mainly targeted and the middle hairs remain. This gives a fresh and clean look to the eyebrows.

It hurts less.

Well, according to some women, threading causes less pain compared to waxing. However, this varies from person to person and also depends on the professional skills of your stylist. However, the minimal pain of this method is worth it, because you will get a favourable result in terms of removing unwanted hair.

It is very cheap

Threading is cheap and most women can afford it.

No chemicals are used in this method.

As you know, only cotton thread is needed for threading, and no chemicals are used to do it. In this way, no damage or burning occurs on the skin and most people consider it a safe and risk-free method.