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Basic Facial

A basic facial typically involves essential skincare steps, including cleansing, exfoliation, a facial mask, and moisturizing. It aims to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish the skin, providing a fundamental skincare routine. The specific techniques and products used may vary, but the focus is on maintaining overall skin health.

Classic Facial

A classic facial is a comprehensive skincare treatment that typically includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, a facial mask, and moisturizing. It offers a timeless and well-rounded approach to skincare, addressing individual skin needs and incorporating massage techniques for relaxation. In particular, a classic facial with face, arms, shoulders, and décolleté massage provides a holistic experience, promoting both skin health and overall well-being through a combination of essential skincare steps and soothing massages.

Deluxe Facial

A deluxe facial is an upgraded and more indulgent skincare experience compared to a basic or classic facial. It often includes specialized treatments, advanced skincare products, and additional pampering elements, catering to specific skin concerns. The term “deluxe” implies a higher level of luxury and personalized attention during the facial treatment. Additionally, a deluxe facial offers an extended relaxation experience with massages for the face, shoulders, arms, and décolleté, along with the option to choose between a scalp or feet massage. It includes the benefits of steam, extraction, and features a collagen eye patch to further enhance skin rejuvenation and address specific concerns around the eyes.

Premium Facial

A premium facial represents the highest level of skincare luxury and customization. It goes beyond a deluxe facial, incorporating top-tier skincare products, advanced treatments tailored to individual needs, and an exceptional level of personalized attention. In addition, a premium facial includes the use of varying light therapies based on individual skin types. This specialized light treatment can address specific concerns such as brightening, reducing redness, and refreshing the skin, further enhancing the overall rejuvenating experience and promoting optimal skin health.

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